Beyond exhausted.

full time student + full time job = no rest.

but well worth it in the end.

I always thought I’d go no where in my life but finally I have a decent job that I love and I feel like I’m going somewhere now. I want to prove to people that doubt me that I can get my AA degree and work full time while supporting my little sister. I may have no social life but I’ll have more than enough money to pay bills, splurge, make sure my sister has what she needs, and a degree to get a higher paying job. I just have to keep positive and strong.

i love my new job.

I’m so happy to finally work in my career field and actually be able to support myself and my little sister since my mom is out of the picture. I was nervous at first but now it’s getting so easy and i love the people i work with. I’m so happy with how my life is going now ^_^

Packing for Vegas!

  • Going tomorrow for my best friends 21st birthday with his family and closest friends. I'm so happy I'll finally be able to relax and not worry about anything for the next 3 days. I'm so happy ^_^

Good Morning.

  • Finishing off the rest of the cookies while watching Psych. Yay(:

im going to have over 10 dozen different batches of oatmeal cookies. I have so much oatmeal that i don’t want to go bad so I’m making cookies and muffins to give out to friends. Anyone like oatmeal cookies? I’ll mail them to you lol ;P

Baking cookies at 2 am

i would

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